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Topic World Version
Player Killing (533) Hiberna (156) Tibia 7.6 (1049)
Dragon (155) Isara (72) Tibia 7.8 (985)
War (131) Morgana (55) Tibia 7.4 (805)
The Annihilator Quest (99) Furora (50) Tibia 7.5 (542)
Dragon Lord (93) Thoria (32) Tibia 7.3 (505)
Demon (91) Guardia (22) Tibia 7.7 (359)
Death (89) Keltera (13) Tibia 7.2 (127)
Hunting (66) Shivera (8) Tibia 7.9 (60)

Video of the Day: Setzer Gambler on Julera, The Annihilator Quest, Tibia 7.4

Latest Videos

Leferty on Calmera, Tibia 7.3
CalmeraTibia 7.3
19 mins • 1 vote • Added 2024-07-20
Sepe Javel on Lucera, Tibia 7.6
LuceraTibia 7.6
33 mins • 1 vote • Added 2024-07-20
Makaveli Thug on Candia, Tibia 7.8
CandiaTibia 7.8
15 mins • 1 vote • Added 2024-07-20
Goku Mage on Pythera, Demon, Tibia 7.8
PytheraTibia 7.8
11 mins • 1 vote • Added 2024-07-20

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June 2024 Update: 50 New Videos, Sounds of Summer Lottery and More

We’re excited to announce that in June 2024, TibiCam.com published 50 new videos on our YouTube channel! In June, we also started our summer lottery, TibiCam’s Sounds of Summer Lottery, which runs throughout the month of July, where participants can win Tibia Coin and Golden Rune Emblems. To participate, please check out this post on YouTube. Top 3 Videos Published in June 1. Skroll Madera | WAR (Pythera, Tibia 7.5) 2.

TibiCam's Sounds of Summer Lottery

FCHHHHH! GROOAAARRR! KRAK ORRRRRRK! Greetings, Tibians! As the sun shines brightly, TibiCam.com is excited to celebrate summer with a special event: TibiCam’s Sounds of Summer Lottery! Share your favorite creature sounds and win fabulous prizes in the form of Tibia Coins and Golden Rune Emblems. How to Participate Subscribe to the TibiCam YouTube Channel Comment on the YouTube Community Post with: Your favorite creature sound Why you love it Your character name and game world Example: My favorite creature sound is Orc Berserker’s ‘KRAK ORRRRRRK!

Eight Months and 1200 Videos

TibiCam.com, our platform where users can search, browse, and watch TibiCam recordings has now been around for almost eight months. In this blog post, we will share a short recap of the things we have accomplished in these months. Updates In this time, we have published 1200 YouTube videos, received many hundreds of votes for recordings the users want to see on our YouTube channel, and our viewers have watched thousands of hours of nostalgic Tibia content.